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Hello, my name is Denis Trufin. Over the last ten years I have been fascinated with personal finance. How we use it, earn it, spend it, and most importantly how it becomes a tool. I created TruFinancials as a way to reach out to others and help on their journey to gain more knowledge in personal finance.


Personal finance touches so many parts of our lives from our health to our lifestyle, and even our hobbies. I hope you'll join me on the journey of being financially free. 


Since starting TruFinancials, I've had the opportunity to help people understand their finances and getting to impact peoples lives drives me to work harder than ever before. Getting comments, emails, and being personally told that I've had a positive impact on someone's life moves me. This community is all about positive mindset and working hard to achieve amazing opportunities in life.


TruFinancials has received several awards and nominations including:

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